After retiring from full time employment in 2002, I spent a few years working in consultancy but also spent some time exploring a number of avenues for relaxation. Photography came high on the list and I soon found great satisfaction in learning an art that had eluded me throughout my working life.  From 2012 onwards I began to specialise in Sports photography and over the next 6 years it consumed most of my available hours. I photographed field hockey at all levels from local club matches to international events. I began to diversify into other sports including tennis and cricket as well as the occasional trip to a rugby match, a football match and even Dressage at horse trials. The income I derived from this work helped fund the purchase of much needed equipment.

Club photography and entering photo competitions also grabbed my attention and that led to seeking qualifications from acceptances in external exhibitions which is currently ticking along quite nicely. I recently achieved my CPAGB and have reached BPE2 in the UK exhibitions structure. I have also started to offer my services as a judge for club competitions in the area.

However, I now find myself less  interested in sport and certainly less driven by the need to find competition winners and I am very steadily moving towards just being out with my camera taking pictures that I like. I will never lose the thrill of capturing an excellent image but it won't be the driving force any more.

This iteration of my web site is an attempt to capture my journey from semi professional sports photographer back to hobbyist image maker.

Thanks for visiting the site and I hope that you enjoy the images that i have shared with you.

If you would like to contact me please email me at 

David Kissman CPAGB BPE2*

January 2021